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Our area of expertise is the design and implementation of algorithms solving complex NP-Complete tasks, striving for optimal results. Focusing on the development of user friendly applications allows us to leverage complex algorithms with a powerful UI where automation is key. You can thereby focus on business that matters rather than doing the same mundane tasks again and again.

About us
Our vision

Our vision

Make things easier

Our vision is to help our customers achieve their goals by taking responsibility for complex repetitive tasks which you never imagined could be automated. Our main goal is to provide people with more time to pursue their passions and talents.

Shift planning app

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Our online shift planner app saves 35 out of the 41 hours normally spent each month on shift planning for a company with 60 employees. The higher the number of employees, the more time you can save.
Try it for yourself in our live demo: planujsmeny.cz
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Unique automation

Ours is the only online shift planning application that can schedule shifts entirely automatically while taking into account the qualifications of employees, holidays, labor code requirements, fair distribution of working weekends and more.

App for employees

Every employee has a mobile app with access to the most recent shift schedule. The app sends automatic notifications for changes in shifts, new holiday requests and more. It allows employees to request unassigned shifts and swap shifts with their colleagues.

Cost Optimization

The Planujsmeny.cz cost optimization module can comprehensively schedule a shift plan based on expected demand and personal performance of your employees.
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Customer Support

Together with the development of the app, hosting and continuous upgrades, we also provide customer support on call. We are ready to answer your questions and provide ideas on how you can improve your processes based on our previous experience.

Custom development

We are willing to meet the specific needs of our customers by developing customized modules and enhancements. This way our customers can save even more time for their business.

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